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    Coaching Association of nada

    The National Coaching Certifition Program (NCCP) provides standardized, inclusive, and sport safety edution to coaches and coach developers across 65 sports. Since?1974, more than 1.8 million coaches have engaged in NCCP training?to develop their own coaching skills and to improve the performance of their participants at all levels of sport.

    The Locker

    Our online platform built specifilly for coaches. Create your free account to engage in NCCP eLearning, register for events, access your NCCP coaching transcript, and more.

    Looking to coach a specific sport?

    Engage in NCCP coach training and certifition programs for 65 official sports through our National Sport Organization (NSO) partners across nada.


    Access simple recipes and sport nutrition advice from registered dieticians, plus practil coaching tips from successful coaches from across nada.?

    Search All Coaching Resources

    #CoachToolKit: "Be more, rather than do more"

    Advice, guidance, and resources on how to proceed or intervene in ses of suspected maltreatment in sport.

    Anonymous. Confidential. Independent. Bilingual.

    An initiative of the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of nada (SDRCC) funded by the Government of nada.

    Contact the Helpline

    Learn about Sport Safety from the C

    Latest News

    The latest on C and NCCP programs, events, and initiatives in coach edution, sport safety, diversity and inclusion, and more.

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